XO Syndrome

It is feasible that the main title of the record Turner Syndrome is not the name you anticipated. Please inspect the basic synonyms detailing to discover the alternate name(s) and problem neighborhood(s) covered by this rating.


  • 45, X disorder
  • Bonnevie-Ullrich syndrome
  • monosomy X
  • Ullrich-Turner syndrome

Condition Class

  • None

General Discussion
Turner syndrome is an uncommon chromosomal disorder that impacts females. The condition is characterized by partial or total loss (monosomy) of one of the X chromosomes. Turner syndrome is extremely variable as well as can vary dramatically from someone to one more. Impacted ladies could possibly establish a wide variety of signs and symptoms, impacting many different organ systems. Usual signs and symptoms consist of short stature and early ovarian failure, which can cause the failing to obtain adolescence. Many women with Turner syndrome are sterile. A variety of added symptoms could happen consisting of problems of the eyes as well as ears, skeletal malformations, heart anomalies, and kidney problems. Intelligence is normally normal, but impacted individuals could experience particular learning impairments. Turner syndrome might be diagnosed before birth or shortly after birth or during very early childhood. Nevertheless, sometimes, the condition might not be detected up until well into their adult years, often as a fortuitous searching for. The precise, underlying reason for Turner disorder is not known. Moreover, most situations do not run in family members and also show up to occur randomly for no noticeable factor (sporadically).

Turner disorder is called for Henry Turner that, in 1938, was one of the first physicians to report on the problem in the clinical literature. Turner syndrome is among one of the most common chromosomal disorders as well as most likely one of the most typical congenital disease of women.

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