X linked Lymphoproliferative Syndrome

It is feasible that the major title of the record X connected Lymphoproliferative Syndrome is not the name you got. Happy examine the basic synonyms detailing to discover the alternative name(s) as well as problem class(s) covered by this record.


  • Duncan Disease
  • EBV Susceptibility (EBVS)
  • Epstein-Barr Virus-Induced Lymphoproliferative Disease in Males
  • Immunodeficiency-5 (IMD5)
  • X-Linked Progressive Combined Variable Immunodeficiency
  • Purtilo Syndrome
  • XLP

Condition Subdivisions

  • None

General Discussion
X-linked lymphoproliferative (XLP) disorder is an exceptionally uncommon acquired (main) immunodeficiency problem defined by a faulty immune system that is strongly receptive to infection with the Epstein-Barr infection (EBV). In people with XLP, direct exposure to EBV might result in extreme, dangerous fulminant liver disease; extraordinarily reduced degrees of antibodies in the blood as well as physical body secretions (hypogammaglobulinemia), resulting in raised sensitivity to numerous infections; hatreds of specific kinds of lymphoid cells (B-cell lymphomas); and/or various other problems. The array of conclusions as well as signs and symptoms connected with XLP could differ significantly from situation to instance.

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