It is possible that the major title of the record Filariasis is not the name you anticipated. Please check the synonyms detailing to discover the alternate name(s) and condition neighborhood(s) covered by this rating.

Basic synonyms

  • Bancroftian Filariasis
  • Filarial Elephantiasis
  • Filariasis Malayi
  • Malayi Tropical Eosinphilia
  • Wuchereriasis

Condition Communities

  • None

General Conversation
Filariasis is a transmittable tropical condition caused by any type of among a number of thread-like parasitic round worms. The two species of worms most often related to this illness are Wuchereria bancrofti as well as Brugia malayi. The larval type of the parasite transmits the condition to people by the bite of a mosquito. In the early stages of the infection, the individual classically experiences high temperature, chills, headaches and skin sores. Any kind of among several antiparasitic representatives might be effective in doing away with the worm. Nonetheless, if the condition is left neglected, blockage of the lymph flow will create particular locations of the body particularly the legs and also exterior genital areas, to swell exceptionally. Signs and symptoms are primarily a response to grown-up worms that create swelling. Persistent swelling might advance to solidifying of the lymphatic vessels (fibrosis) and also blockage of the lymph flow.

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