Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome

It is feasible that the major title of the report Wolff Parkinson White Disorder is not the name you anticipated. Kindly examine the basic synonyms noting to locate the alternative name(s) and disorder subdivision(s) covered by this record.


  • Device Atrioventricular Pathways
  • Preexcitation Disorder
  • WPW Disorder

Disorder Neighborhoods

  • None

General Discussion
Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) disorder is an unusual congenital heart condition involving abnormalities in the electric system of the heart. In individuals with WPW syndrome, an irregular alternate electrical pathway (accessory pathway), exists between the atrium and also the ventricle, leading to irregular heart beat rhythms (arrhythmias) as well as faster than normal heartbeats (tachycardia).

The normal heart has 4 chambers. The two top chambers are the room and also the two lower chambers are the ventricles. Within the best atrium of a regular heart is a natural pacemaker that launches as well as regulates the heart beat. The electric stimulus takes a trip from the pacemaker (sinoatrial or SA node) to the ventricles along a specific pathway including conducting tissue and also called the AV (atrioventricular) node. The extra electrical pathway in individuals with WPW syndrome bypasses the typical route as well as causes the ventricles to defeat earlier than typical (preexcitation) and also can permit electric instincts to be carried out in both directions (i.e., from the atria to the ventricles as well as from the ventricles to the atria).

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