It is possible that the main title of the rating Wolf Hirschhorn Disorder is not the name you anticipated. Please inspect the words listing to locate the alternating name(s) and also condition community(s) covered by this record.

Basic synonyms

  • WHS
  • Wolf Syndrome
  • Wolf-Hirschhorn Chromosome Region (WHCR)
  • WHCR
  • Chromosome 4, Partial Removal 4p
  • Partial Deletion of the Short Arm of Chromosome 4
  • Chromosome 4, Partial Monosomy 4p
  • 4p- Disorder, Partial
  • Pitt-Rogers-Danks Disorder

Disorder Communities

  • None

General Discussion
Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome is an extremely unusual chromosomal disorder dued to a partial removal (monosomy) of the short arm (“p”) of chromosome 4. Major signs may include exceptionally wide-set eyes (ocular hypertelorism) with an extensive or beaked nose, a little head (microcephaly), low-set unshaped ears, mental as well as growth deficiency, heart (cardiac) flaws, as well as seizures. Since the amount of hereditary product deleted differs, the signs of this disorder vary from instance to case.

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