WAGR Complex

It is possible that the major title of the record WAGR Syndrome/11p Deletion Disorder is not the name you expected. Please check the words noting to discover the alternating name(s) as well as problem neighborhood(s) covered by this rating.


  • chromosome 11p deletion syndrome
  • WAGR complex

Problem Subdivisions

  • AGR set of three
  • aniridia-ambiguous genitalia-mental retardation
  • aniridia-Wilms’ tumor association
  • aniridia-Wilms’ tumor-gonadoblastoma
  • AWTA

General Conversation
WAGR syndrome/11p deletion disorder is an uncommon genetic disorder in which there is a proneness to numerous conditions, including particular hatreds, unique eye problems, and/or intellectual handicap. “WAGR” is an acronym for the particular irregularities related to the syndrome. The acronym stands for (W)ilms’ Growth, the most typical form of kidney cancer cells in children; (A)niridia, partial or total lack of the tinted area of the eye(s) (iris or irides); (G) Genitourinary problems, such as undescended testicles or hypospadias in men, or interior genital or urinary irregularities in ladies; as well as Mental (R)etardation (intellectual impairment). A combo of two or even more of these conditions is typically existing in many people with WAGR syndrome/11p deletion syndrome. The professional picture differs, depending upon the combo of associated problems.

WAGR syndrome/11p deletion syndrome is caused by defects (mutations) of surrounding genes on an area of chromosome 11 (11p13). In many cases, such hereditary adjustments (e.g., removals at band 11p13) occur spontaneously during early beginning property development (afresh) for unknown factors (sporadic). In quite uncommon situations, the anomaly may be acquired as the result of a reformation of components of two chromosomes, which causes the loss of some genetic material (translocation) or various other heritable genetic problem. The existence of greater than one kind of chromosomal makeup within a specific (mosaic deletion) leading to WAGR syndrome/11p removal disorder has likewise been reported.

Because 1964, the names provided to this disorder have altered regularly as variants in the mix of professional signs existing as well as the variety of hereditary problems connected with it have been discovered. The term “WAGR disorder” is now being replaced by “11p removal syndrome” to a lot more accurately show present expertise about the problem as well as to enable constant scientific medical diagnosis and also genetic classification in the future.

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