Vulgaris Type Disorder of Cornification

It is possible that the primary title of the report Ichthyosis Vulgaris is not the name you expected. Kindly check the basic synonyms detailing to locate the alternative name(s) and also problem community(s) covered by this report.

Basic synonyms

  • ichthyosis simplex

Problem Communities

  • None

General Discussion
In ichthyosis vulgaris, the skin cells are created at a normal rate, however they do not shed typically at the surface area of the outermost level of skin (stratum corneum) and also are not lose as rapidly as they should be. The result is a buildup of scale. Great ranges typically develop on the back as well as over muscles near the joints, such as a joint or knee (extensor muscles). Ichthyosis is usually most usual and extreme over the reduced legs.

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