Von Mikulicz Syndrome

It is feasible that the primary title of the rating Mikulicz Disorder is not the name you anticipated. Kindly inspect the words listing to discover the alternative name(s) and condition community(s) covered by this record.


  • Dacryosialoadenopathia
  • Dacryosialoadenopathy
  • Mikulicz Syndrome
  • Mikulicz-Radecki Syndrome
  • Mikulicz-Sjogren Syndrome
  • von Mikulicz Syndrome

Disorder Subdivisions

  • None

General Conversation
Mikulicz disorder is a persistent problem defined by the irregular enlargement of glands in the head and also neck, consisting of those near the ears (parotids) and also those around the eyes (lacrimal) as well as mouth (salivary). The tonsils as well as various other glands in the soft tissue of the face as well as neck might likewise be included. Although the condition is generally described as benign, it constantly occurs in organization with an additional underlying condition such as tuberculosis, leukemia, syphilis, Hodgkin’s disease, lymphosarcoma, Sj gren disorder, or lupus (SLE). People that have Mikulicz syndrome go to heightened threat for creating lymphomas.

Some individuals with Mikulicz disorder might experience repeating fevers. The fever may be come with by dry eyes, reduced tear production (lacrimation), and swelling of different components of the eyes (uveitis). Lacrimal gland enlargement, parotid gland augmentation, completely dry mouth as well as completely dry eyes are the timeless signs.

The exact source of Mikulicz disorder is unknowned. Some researchers think that Mikulicz syndrome must be taken into consideration a kind of Sj gren syndrome.

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