Von Frey’s Syndrome

It is feasible that the major title of the record Frey Syndrome is not the name you anticipated. Happy examine the words noting to locate the alternating name(s) as well as problem class(s) covered by this record.

Basic synonyms

  • auriculotermporal disorder
  • gustatory sweating

Problem Subdivisions

  • None

General Discussion
Frey disorder is an uncommon problem that many frequently happens as an outcome of surgical treatment in the location near the parotid glandulars. The major signs of Frey disorder are unwanted sweating as well as flushing taking place on the cheek, holy place (temporal area), or behind the ears (retroauricular area) after consuming specific foods, specifically those that create a solid salivary feedback. Frey disorder most frequently takes place as an issue of surgical procedure to the location of the face near the parotid glandulars.

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