Van der Woude syndrome

It is feasible that the major title of the record IRF6-Related Disorders is not the name you anticipated. Happy examine the basic synonyms detailing to discover the alternative name(s) and also condition community(s) covered by this record.


  • popliteal pterygium disorder
  • Van der Woude disorder

Condition Subdivisions

  • None

General Discussion
IRF6-related conditions consist of a range of conditions dued to problems in the interferon governing aspect 6 (IRF6) genetics. Van der Woude disorder (VWS) goes to the moderate end of the range as well as popliteal pterygium disorder (PPS) goes to the extreme end of the range. People with VWS could have lip pits alone, cleft lip or cleft taste alone, or a combo of these abnormalities.

The physical attributes related to PPS consist of cleft lip and/or cleft taste buds, reduced lip pits, webbed skin (pterygium) astride both legs (popliteal) and also in between the legs (intercrural), malformation and/or underdevelopment of the genital areas, webbing or blend of the toes and/or fingers (syndactyly), bond of top and also reduced mandible (intraoral attachments), and also bond of top and also reduced eyelids (ankyloblepharon). A conical layer of skin on the nail of the large toe is a quite unique conclusion in this problem.

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