Unilateral Defect of Pectoralis Muscle a…

It is feasible that the main title of the rating Poland Syndrome is not the name you anticipated. Kindly check the words specifying to find the alternative name(s) and also condition subdivision(s) covered by this record.


  • Poland Irregularity
  • Poland Syndactyly
  • Poland Sequence
  • Unilateral Problem of Pectoralis Muscular tissue and also Syndactyly of the Hand

Problem Class

  • None

General Conversation
Poland Disorder is a rare problem that is evident at birth (hereditary). Associated features could be exceptionally variable from instance to instance. Nevertheless, it is characteristically characterized by absence (aplasia) of chest wall muscles on one side of the body (independent) as well as abnormally brief, webbed fingers (symbrachydactyly) of the hand on the exact same side (ipsilateral).

In those with the condition, there is normally independent absence of the pectoralis small as well as the sternal or breastbone section of the pectoralis significant. The pectoralis small is a slim, triangular muscle tissue of the upper breast wall surface; the pectoralis major is a big, fanlike muscle tissue that covers a lot of the top, front component of the chest.

Affected individuals might have variable connected attributes, such as underdevelopment or lack of one nipple area (consisting of the dim area around the nipple area [areola] and/or patchy absence of hair under the arm (axilla). In females, there may be underdevelopment or lack (aplasia) of one bust as well as underlying (subcutaneous) tissues. Sometimes, connected skeletal irregularities may likewise be present, such as underdevelopment or lack of upper ribs; elevation of the shoulder blade (Sprengel deformity); and/or shortening of the arm, with underdevelopment of the forearm bones (i.e., ulna and span).

Poland Disorder affects males much more frequently than women as well as a lot of regularly entails the ideal side of the body. The precise cause of the problem is unidentified.

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