Trichorhinophalangeal Syndrome Type I

It is feasible that the main title of the record Trichorhinophalangeal Syndrome Type I is not the name you anticipated. Please examine the synonyms specifying to locate the alternating name(s) and also condition community(s) covered by this report.


  • TRP Syndrome
  • TRPS1

Problem Subdivisions

  • None

General Discussion
Trichorhinophalangeal disorder type I (TRPS1) is an extremely uncommon acquired multisystem problem. TRPS1 is identified by thin, sporadic scalp hair, uncommon facial functions, irregularities of the fingers and/or toes, and a number of abnormalities of the “growing ends” (epiphyses) of the bones (skeletal dysplasia), specifically in the hands as well as feet. Characteristic face attributes may include a rounded (spheric) “pear-shaped” nose, an unusually small jaw (micrognathia), dental abnormalities, and/or unusually huge (famous) ears. In many cases, the fingers and/or toes might be unusually short (brachydactyly) and bent. On top of that, influenced individuals may display short stature. The range and also intensity of symptoms may differ from instance to case. In most cases, Trichorhinophalangeal syndrome type I has autosomal dominant inheritance.

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