Tonic Pupil Syndrome

It is possible that the major title of the report Adie Disorder is not the name you anticipated. Please inspect the synonyms noting to discover the alternative name(s) and also condition neighborhood(s) covered by this record.


  • Adie’s Student
  • Adie’s Disorder
  • Adie’s Restorative Student
  • Holmes-Adie Syndrome
  • Papillotonic Psuedotabes
  • Tonic Pupil Disorder

Disorder Subdivisions

  • None

General Conversation
Adie Disorder is an uncommon neurological disorder influencing the pupil of the eye. In the majority of people the pupil is expanded (bigger compared to healthy) and slow to respond to light on nearby items. In some clients, however, the student may be restricted (smaller sized compared to typical) as opposed to dilated. Missing or poor reflexes are also related to this problem. Adie Disorder is neither modern nor life threatening, neither is it disabling.

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