Tongue, Fissured

It is feasible that the primary title of the record Tongue, Fissured is not the name you anticipated. Kindly examine the words specifying to discover the alternative name(s) and also problem community(s) covered by this record.


  • Furrowed Tongue
  • Lingua Fissurata
  • Lingua Plicata
  • Lingua Scrotalis
  • Plicated Tongue
  • Scrotal Tongue
  • Cerebriform Tongue
  • Grooved Tongue

Condition Subdivisions

  • None

General Discussion
Fissured tongue is a benign problem that is in some cases referred to as plicated or scrotal tongue. The surface area furrows could vary in dimension as well as deepness, emit external, as well as create the tongue to have an old and wrinkly look.

Sometimes, fissured tongue might establish in organization with infection or poor nutrition. In various other damaged people, it could accompany particular underlying disorders or could be a domestic problem, recommending autosomal leading inheritance.

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