Thymus, Congenital Aplasia

It is possible that the major title of the report Chromosome 10, Monosomy 10p is not the name you anticipated. Kindly examine the synonyms providing to locate the alternating name(s) and disorder class(s) covered by this report.


  • 10p removal syndrome (partial)
  • chromosome 10, 10p- partial
  • chromosome 10, partial deletion (brief arm)

Disorder Communities

  • None

General Discussion
Chromosome 10, monosomy 10p is an uncommon chromosomal problem where the end (distal) part of the brief arm (p) of chromosome 10 is missing (removed or monosomic). The range and intensity of symptoms and also findings may be variable, relying on the specific dimension or location of the deletion on chromosome 10p. Nonetheless, connected features commonly include extreme intellectual impairment; development delays after birth (postnatal development retardation); unique malformations of the skull and face (craniofacial) area; a brief neck; and/or architectural problems of the heart that exist at birth (congenital heart defects). Several cases have also been reported in which afflicted individuals have some attributes of DiGeorge disorder (DGS). DGS is a congenital problem identified by underdevelopment or absence of the thymus as well as parathyroid glands, possibly creating abnormalities of the immune system, deficient manufacturing of parathyroid hormone (hypoparathyroidism), a heart problem, as well as linked findings. Oftentimes, chromosome 10, monosomy 10p appears to occur spontaneously (afresh) for unknown reasons.

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