Thymic Aplasia, DiGeorge Type

It is possible that the primary title of the record Chromosome 10, Monosomy 10p is not the name you expected. Please examine the words listing to discover the alternating name(s) and also condition community(s) covered by this rating.


  • 10p removal disorder (partial)
  • chromosome 10, 10p- partial
  • chromosome 10, partial deletion (short arm)

Disorder Subdivisions

  • None

General Conversation
Chromosome 10, monosomy 10p is an uncommon chromosomal problem where the end (distal) portion of the short arm (p) of chromosome 10 is missing (deleted or monosomic). The array and extent of signs and symptoms and findings might vary, depending upon the exact size or area of the removal on chromosome 10p. However, connected functions usually include serious intellectual handicap; development hold-ups after birth (postnatal development retardation); unique malformations of the head and face (craniofacial) area; a short neck; and/or architectural defects of the heart that are present at birth (genetic heart defects). Several cases have additionally been reported in which affected individuals have some functions of DiGeorge syndrome (DGS). DGS is a hereditary problem identified by underdevelopment or absence of the thymus and also parathyroid glands, possibly triggering problems of the body immune system, deficient production of parathyroid bodily hormone (hypoparathyroidism), a heart problem, and also linked searchings for. Oftentimes, chromosome 10,

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