Tangier Disease

It is feasible that the primary title of the record Tangier Disease is not the name you anticipated. Happy inspect the basic synonyms detailing to locate the alternating name(s) and also condition neighborhood(s) covered by this record.


  • Alpha High-Density Lipoprotein Deficieny
  • Alphalipoproteinemia
  • Analphalipoproteinemia
  • Domestic High-Density Lipoprotein Deficiency
  • High thickness lipoproteindeficiency, kind 1 (HDLDT1)
  • Domestic Alpha-Lipoprotein Deficiency
  • Tangier Disease Neuropathy

Condition Subdivisions

  • None

General Discussion
Tangier Disease is an acquired blood condition including lowered focus of fat substances in the blood called high-density lipoproteins (occasionally called “great cholesterol”). Huge quantities of these substances could gather in particular body organs of the physical body creating cells staining. In later phases, these build-ups might trigger body organ augmentation and/or blood flow troubles.

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