It is possible that the primary title of the record Lymphatic Malformations is not the name you expected. Please examine the basic synonyms listing to discover the alternate name(s) and condition subdivision(s) covered by this record.


  • spacious lymphangioma
  • cystic hygroma
  • cystic lymphangioma
  • lymphangioma circumscriptum
  • lymphangioma
  • lymphangiomatosis
  • macrocystic lymphatic malformation
  • microcystic lymphatic malformation

Condition Class

  • None

General Conversation
Lymphatic malformations are rare non-malignant masses including fluid-filled stations or rooms thought to be caused by the uncommon development of the lymphatic system. These malformations are generally noticeable at birth or by 2 years old. Lymphatic malformations could impact any type of location of the physical body (except the mind), however a lot of frequently influence the head and neck. When noticeable at birth (hereditary), lymphatic malformations have the tendency to be soft, mushy, non-tender masses. The certain signs and symptoms as well as severity of lymphatic malformations varies based upon the size as well as specific area of the malformation. Some lymphatic malformations could be massive. Lymphatic malformations despite dimension could potentially cause functional impairment of close-by structures or body organs and disfigurement of affected areas.

The lymphatic system functions as part of the immune system as well as aids to shield the body against infection and condition. It includes a network of tubular networks (lymph vessels) that deliver a thin watery liquid referred to as lymph from various locations of the body into the blood stream. Lymph collects between tissue cells and also has healthy proteins, fats, and specific white blood cells referred to as lymphocytes. As lymph moves through the lymphatic system, it travels through a network of lymph nodes that help the physical body to shut off sources of infection (e.g., viruses, microorganisms, etc.) and also inflammation (e.g. antigens). Teams of lymph nodes lie throughout the body, including in the neck, under the arms (axillae), at the elbow joints, and in the chest, abdomen, as well as groin. The lymphatic system consists of the spleen, which filterings system deteriorated red cell and also makes lymphocytes, and also bone marrow, which is the mushy tissue inside the cavities of bones that produces blood cells.

Several different terms were as soon as made use of to describe problems now grouped under the umbrella term “lymphatic malformations”. Such terms include cystic hygroma, lymphangioma, cavernous lymphangioma, cystic lymphangioma, and also lymphangioma circumscriptum. These terms have been left because several of the outdated terms suggest a relationship to cancer cells. Lymphatic malformations are not malignant and also there is no recognized threat of deadly change.

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