KID Syndrome


It is possible that the primary title of the record Keratitis Ichthyosis Deafness Disorder is not the name you anticipated. Please inspect the words listing to locate the alternative name(s) and also disorder class(s) covered by this report.


  • Ichthyosiform Erythroderma, Corneal Participation, and Hearing problems Disorder
  • CHILDREN Disorder

Condition Subdivisions

  • None

General Conversation
Keratitis ichthyosis hearing problems (YOUNGSTER) syndrome is an uncommon, genetic, multi-system problem. It is defined by flaws of the surface of the corneas (keratitis), red, rough thick plaques of skin (erythrokeratoderma) and sensorineural hearing problems or extreme hearing impairment. The skin on the hands of the hands and soles of the feet and the nails could be impacted. CHILDREN disorder belongs to a team of skin disorders marked by completely dry, flaky skin called the ichthyoses. YOUNGSTER syndrome is acquired as an autosomal leading quality.

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