Kasabach Merritt Syndrome

It is possible that the major title of the record Kasabach-Merritt sensation is not the name you expected. Please check the words specifying to find the alternating name(s) and disorder subdivision(s) covered by this record.


  • KMP
  • thrombocytopenia with a vascular sore
  • Kasabach-Merritt disorder

Disorder Class

  • None

General Conversation
Kasabach-Merritt phenomenon (KMP) is an unusual problem that is associated with a coagulopathy with functions including extensive thrombocytopenia (reduced platelets), hypofibrinogenemia (reduced fibrinogen), as well as anemia. This sensation is only connected with 2 unusual vascular lumps: kaposiform hemangioendotheliomas and also tufted angiomas. This condition could be life threatening additional to the threat of bleeding and also development to DIC (distributed intravascular coagulopathy).

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