Kartagener Syndrome

It is feasible that the main title of the record Key Ciliary Dyskinesia is not the name you expected. Please inspect the words noting to find the alternate name(s) and condition neighborhood(s) covered by this report.


  • immotile cilia syndrome
  • PCD

Disorder Communities

  • Kartagener disorder

General Discussion
Key ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) is an autosomal recessive genetic problem in which the tiny cells in the breathing system called cilia do not work usually. Ciliary dysfunction stops the clearance of mucous from the lungs, paranasal sinuses as well as ears. Bacteria and various other toxic irritants in the mucous cause regular respiratory system infections. Kartagener disorder is a kind of PCD related to a mirror-image orientation of the heart and other internal body organs (situs inversus).

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