Cystine Lysine Arginine Ornithinuria

It is feasible that the primary title of the record Cystinuria is not the name you got.
Cystinuria is an acquired metabolic condition identified by the uncommon motion (transportation) in the kidneys as well as intestinal tracts, of specific natural chemical substances (amino acids). These consist of cystine, arginine, lysine, as well as ornithine. Extreme quantities of undissolved cystine in the pee (cystinuria) trigger the development of rocks (calculi) in the bladder, ureter, and/or kidney.

In Type I Cystinuria, there is a flaw in the energetic transportation of cystine and also the amino acids (dibasic) lysine, arginine, and also ornithine in the kidneys and also little bowel. In Type II Cystinuria, cystine and also lysine transportation is seriously damaged in the kidneys as well as just rather damaged in the intestinal tracts. In Type III Cystinuria, kidney transportation of cystine as well as lysine is faulty; intestinal tract transportation is healthy.

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