Craniosynostosis with Radial Defects

It is feasible that the primary title of the record Baller Gerold Syndrome is not the name you got.
Baller-Gerold Syndrome is an uncommon congenital disease that appears at birth (genetic). The condition is identified by unique malformations of the head as well as face (craniofacial) location as well as bones of the hands and also lower arms.

In babies with Baller-Gerold Syndrome, there is early combination of the coarse joints (cranial stitches) in between specific bones in the head (craniosynostosis). Baller-Gerold Syndrome is additionally defined by underdevelopment (hypoplasia) or lack (aplasia) of the bone on the thumb side of the lower arms (spans). Baller-Gerold Syndrome is assumed to be acquired as an autosomal recessive characteristic.

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