Diaphragm Use and Care

A diaphragm is a “obstacle technique” of birth control. It’s rounded item of versatile rubber with a rim that’s tough to flex.
You must constantly utilize it with spermicide. When you do, the diaphragm is 82 % -94 % reliable.
The lady places spermicide around the rim of the diaphragm, then inserts it right into her vaginal area no greater than 2 hrs prior to sex.

You should maintain it in position for at the very least 6 hrs after sex. You need to make use of even more spermicide each time if you make love once more throughout that time.

Eliminate the diaphragm within 24 hrs.

Where Do I Get One?
You have to visit your medical professional, that will certainly offer you a pelvic examination initially to match your diaphragm. You must obtain re-fitted yearly.

Change your diaphragm every 2 years, or if you shed or obtain 10 or even more extra pounds.

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