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  • B-K Mole Disorder
  • CMM
  • Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma, Hereditary
  • DNS, Hereditary
  • Domestic Irregular Mole-Malignant Melanoma Disorder
  • HCMM
  • Deadly Melanoma, Dysplastic Nevus Kind
  • Dysplastic Nevus Syndrome

Disorder Communities

  • None

General Conversation
Abnormal mole disorder, also called dysplastic nevus disorder, is a problem of the skin defined by the existence of several mole-like growths (nevi). The majority of people have 10-20 moles over their physical bodies. People with this disorder frequently have more than 100 moles, a minimum of several of which are uncommon (abnormal) in dimension as well as structure. These moles vary in size, location, and coloring. They are normally larger compared to typical moles (5mm or more in diameter) as well as have uneven borders. Changes in the appearance of these moles must be taken seriously by individuals given that such adjustments may foreshadow the beginning of cancerous illness.

People with atypical mole syndrome go to more than others for creating cancer of the skin in the form of malignant melanoma. Atypical mole syndrome is assumed by some medical professionals to be a forerunner or forerunner of malignant melanoma. This sort of cancer cells might spread to adjacent components of the skin or, via the blood and lymph blood circulation, to various other body organs.

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