The importance of routine check up

The importance of routine check up

Getting a regular health checkup at Valley Family Medicine is like having your car serviced; you don’t want it to break down unexpectedly. A routine checkup in Reseda, California, at Valley Family Medicine, involves different levels of involvement according to what age you are. Your answers to questions such as, “How healthy is my lifestyle?” “How often do I exercise?” “And am I under any stress?” may change your necessity for a routine checkup in Reseda, California. The doctors will consider each of your replies to these questions and adjust the checkup accordingly.

The Importance of Routine Checkups for Your Staff

Everyone has an idea or conception of what is healthy. At Valley Family Medicine, we believe there is some truth in the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” We encourage our staff to make healthier lifestyle choices so that our business benefits from less absenteeism and more productivity. The key to good health and lifestyle choices begins with prevention.

Getting regular checkups is an essential activity within the prevention routine. For example, it is like getting a flu shot at the start of flu season. Rather than waiting for the flu to afflict you, getting the injection preemptively addresses the issue directly. This reason demonstrates the importance of a routine checkup in Reseda, California, at Valley Family Medicine for employees.

What Is the Aim When it Comes to the Importance of a Routine Checkup in Reseda, California?

A health check is to help lessen, prevent, or find the effect of any disease. It is always better to find out something earlier rather than later when it’s related to health. At Valley Family Medicine, our health care professionals will look at your medical history, lifestyle, and family history to see if you are at risk for any of the preventable health conditions.

The importance of a routine checkup in Reseda, California, is well known to the staff at Valley Family Medicine. Besides the early detection of potential health problems, advance treatment leads to better outcomes in the long term. You will also benefit from knowing what lifestyle changes you can make to ensure continued good health. When you know your health concerns and needs, you can make informed decisions to better your long-term health goals.

What Valley Family Medicine Check: The Importance of a Routine Checkup in Reseda, California

Ages 20 to 30:

Blood pressure; glucose and cholesterol levels; body mass index (waist and hip measurements); last dental checkup; skin cancer screen (mole check); testes self-check for men; and self-breast examination for women.

If you are sexually active, the following checks are required:

STI screenings (sexually transmitted infections); and Pap smear for women recommended every two years.

Ages 40 to 50:

All the above checkups for 20- to 30-year-old patients, plus:

Type 2 diabetes risk assessment (according to weight and diet); cardiovascular risk assessment; mammogram for women; glaucoma check for the eyes.

Aged 50 and over:

The same as for someone in their 40’s, plus:

Osteoporosis risk assessment (especially in women); FOBT screening (fecal occult blood test for bowel cancer); hearing test; and vision test.


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