Home Remedies for Constipation, a very common problem

Chronic constipation is often unknown, the medical term is chronic idiopathic constipation. It involves unpleasant symptoms like abdominal bloating, discomfort when going to the bathroom and pain caused by stools being hard, difficult to pass and to dry.

It affects 20% of Americans this comes to a result of 8 million doctor visits per year. Causes can be plenty, the most common are:
• Disease
• Lifestyle choices
• Food ingested
• Avoided food or Medication

Here are some home remedies to relieve constipation:
Prescription laxatives or over-the-counter
Ask us at Valley Family Medicine Urgent Care Center or a pharmacist about choosing an effective laxative.

Or choose the following type:
Osmotic laxative: softens your stool, pulling water from tissues into the digestive system.
• Stool softener: this contains oils and ease stool passage through the gut
• Bulking agent: this will help increase the water content of your stool because is fiber-based laxative.
• Stimulant laxative: stimulates the nerves in your gut increasing bowel movements.

Magnesium citrate
Is a very popular home remedy against constipation. You can by over-the-counter laxative. Take a moderate amount of magnesium supplement it will relieve constipation symptom.
Drink more water if you’re dehydrated constantly can make you become constipated. It’s so important to drink enough water and stay hydrated.
You can also drink carbonated or sparkling water to get things moving and helps you rehydrate. It is more effective than tap water at relieving constipation.
It is not recommended to drink carbonated drinks like soda, cad choice when you feel constipated.
Do more exercise It is found that doing exercise significantly reduces the symptoms of constipation. If you feel constipated, try going for a walk, it is definitely worth a try.

Eating more fiber, soluble, by all means
Increasing fiber intake, it is thought to grow the bulk and consistency of bowel movements and it makes them easier to pass. Take a note: it doesn’t help with any other symptoms of constipation like, pain, bloating, stool consistency and gas.

Drinking caffeinated coffee
Coffee stimulates the muscles on the digestive system and can increase the urge to go to the WC. It stimulates the gut like the same way a meal does, because it contains small amounts of soluble fiber.

Yes, prunes and prune juice, natures constipation remedy. It contains sorbitol, a natural laxative, actually, prunes are way more effective than fiber, easiest natural solution, period. Take around 50grs twice a day as an effective dose. In conclusion, the most effective treatment are the natural home remedies.

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