It is possible that the primary title of the report Cornelia de Lange Disorder is not the name you expected. Kindly examine the basic synonyms listing to locate the alternate name(s) as well as disorder community(s) covered by this record.

Basic synonyms

  • BDLS
  • Brachmann-de Lange Disorder
  • CdLS
  • de Lange Disorder
  • Amsterdam syndrome

Condition Subdivisions

  • None

General Discussion
Cornelia de Lange syndrome (CdLS) is a rare congenital disease that appears at birth (genetic). Associated signs as well as findings normally consist of delays in physical development before and after birth (antenatal and postnatal development retardation); characteristic abnormalities of the head and also face (craniofacial) area, leading to a distinctive face appearance; malformations of the hands and arms (upper arm or legs); as well as light to serious dementia. Numerous infants as well as youngsters with the disorder have an abnormally little, brief head (microbrachycephaly); an uncommonly lengthy upright groove between the top lip and nose (philtrum); a depressed nasal link; upturned nostrils (anteverted nares); and also a protruding top mouth (maxillary prognathism). Extra, characteristic face abnormalities might consist of thin, downturned lips; low-set ears; arched, well-defined brows that grow with each other across the base of the nose (synophrys); an uncommonly low hairline on the forehead as well as the back of the neck; as well as unusually curly, long eyelashes. Affected individuals may additionally have distinctive malformations of the limbs, such as uncommonly little hands and also feet, internal variance (clinodactyly) of the 5th fingers, or webbing (syndactyly) of specific toes. Much less frequently, there may be absence of the lower arms, hands, as well as fingers. Infants with Cornelia de Lange disorder may likewise have feeding as well as breathing problems; an increased vulnerability to respiratory system infections; a low-pitched “growling” cry; heart defects; postponed skeletal maturation; hearing loss; or various other physical abnormalities. The array and also seriousness of connected symptoms and findings could be extremely variable from instance to instance.

Cornelia de Lange disorder can be acquired as an autosomal dominant condition or an X-linked problem. The only genes that have actually been found to be connected with Cornelia de Lange syndrome are the NIPBL genetics on chromosome 5 and also the SMC1L1 genetics on the X chromosome. A lot of influenced people have an uncommon genetics as an outcome of a brand-new gene anomaly and do not have an afflicted parent. Other genetics may be found to be associated with Cornelia de Lange disorder in the future.

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