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  • Piriplasmosis
  • Redwater Fever

Problem Communities

  • None

General Discussion
Babesiosis is an uncommon infectious disease caused by single-celled bacteria (protozoa) belonging to the Babesia family members. It is thought that the Babesia protozoa are usually carried and also sent by ticks (vectors). Babesiosis occurs largely in animals; nevertheless, in uncommon cases, babesiosis infection could occur in people. Particular Babesia species are recognized to create babesiosis infection in humans (e.g., Babesia microti), and also the deer tick is a known vector. Human babesiosis infection could create fever, cools, migraine, queasiness, vomiting, and/or muscular tissue pains (myalgia). Signs and symptoms may be light in or else healthy individuals; in addition, some infected people could show no symptoms (asymptomatic). Nevertheless, a serious type of babesiosis, which might be life-threatening if neglected, might occur in individuals that have actually had their spleens gotten rid of (splenectomized) or that have a damaged body immune system. A different kind of babesiosis has actually been reported in Europe that is associated with a much more severe expression of signs and symptoms.

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