Autosomal Recessive Long QT Syndrome

It is feasible that the primary title of the record Jervell and also Lange-Nielsen Syndrome is not the name you got.
Jervell and also Lange-Nielsen disorder (JLNS) is an unusual acquired problem identified by hearing problems existing at birth (hereditary) happening in organization that incorporates irregularities influencing the electric system of the heart. The extent of heart signs and symptoms connected that incorporates JLNS differs from instance to situation. JLNS is generally found throughout very early youth and also is acquired as an autosomal recessive hereditary problem.

Anton Jervell and also Fred Lange-Nielsen offered the initial full summary of the electric transmission trouble in the heart called long QT disorder (LQTS) in 1957. LQTS describes the QT-interval gauged on the electrocardiogram that suggests that the heart muscle tissue is taking much longer compared to normal to charge in between beats. It inclines those influenced to tachyarrhythmias called torsade de pointes (TdP) which causes syncope as well as might create abrupt heart fatality.

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