Absence of Menstruation, Primary

The clinical term made use of to explain “lack of durations” is amenorrhea. Females usually do not menstruate prior to the age of puberty, while pregnant, as well as after menopause. It could be the signs and symptom of a treatable clinical problem if a female does not obtain her duration when she typically should.

There are 2 kinds of amenorrhea: key amenorrhea and also additional amenorrhea. Key amenorrhea is when a young lady has actually not had her very first duration by the age of 16.
Amenorrhea could be dued to any type of variety of modifications in the bodily hormones, body organs, as well as glandulars associated with menstrual cycle.

Feasible reasons for main amenorrhea (when a lady never ever obtains her very first duration) consider:

  • Failing of the ovaries (women sex body organs that hold eggs)
  • Problems in the main nerve system (human brain and also spine) or the pituitary glandular (a glandular in the mind that makes bodily hormones associated with menstrual cycle)
  • Poorly developed reproductive body organs

In most cases, the reason for main amenorrhea is unknowned.

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