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Dr. Eli Gluzman M.D.

We are one of the most trusted and recognized Urgent Care centers in the San Fernando Valley area. We proudly provide Affordable, Compassionate, Quality Healthcare. We serve the medical needs of the following communities: Reseda, Winnetka, Northridge, Woodland Hills, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, and the Los Angeles area.

We are one of the best rated urgent care clinics in Los Angeles. Our office visit cost is only $80 and we are one of the few clinics in Los Angeles to offer a free follow up visit (within two weeks of your first visit). This includes a doctor's consultation, physical examination, diagnosis and a treatment plan. There are no hidden charges. The cost of consultation does not change with patients condition or complexity. If additional medications are required, we will provide the necessary prescription at no added charge! If additional procedures or laboratory testing is required, we will explain the reason and disclose the full cost prior to proceeding. In an effort to reduce cost and save time, we offer our patients many of the prescribed medications at a discounted price and in some cases for free. We offer blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and blood glucose test free of charge.

We are offering Flu Shots, Vitamin B Complex Shots, Vitamin B 12 Shots, TB Test, Tetanus Shots

Common Conditions treated at our Urgent Care Center include

infections bacterial and fungal, irritation, itching, acne, abscess, wart and skin tag removal, rash Lacerations needing stitches, abrasions, superficial burns
headaches, tension, migraine, facial numbness, bells palsy, sinus pain, sinus infection, Vertigo, dizziness
wax buildup, foreign body, middle ear and outer ear infections, infections caused by earrings, Abcess draining, Tinnitus (ear ringing), Swimmer's ear
Woman's health
contraception, pap smear, health maintenance, pregnancy test, breast exams, yeast infections, bacterial infections, STD treatment, menstrual issues, vaginal discharge, vaginal irritation
nfections, irritation, and foreign bodies. Floaters, loss of vision, Vertigo
Upper respiratory tract infections
flu, sore throat, cough, common cold, phlegm, bronchitis, strep throat, sinus infection, tonsill infection, Asthma
Pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, anal irritation, fungal infection, reflux, constipation, heartburn
Men's health
Erectile Dysfunction, decreased sex drive, prostate issues, penile discharge, testicular pain, swelling, Testosterone testing, PSA testing
Urinary Tract
infections, prostate issues, urine odor, bladder infection, UTI, kidney infection, urinary frequency, drug screening, urine testing, urine culture
Urinary Tract
testing and treatment- crabs, warts, herpes, HIV/AIDS, etc.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
infections, prostate issues, urine odor, bladder infection, UTI, kidney infection, urinary frequency, drug screening, urine testing, urine culture
Allergic reactions
causing rashes or swelling, contact dermatitis
Asthma and Chronic Bronchitis/emphysema
or wheezing, pneumonia, other respiratory conditions, nebulizer treatments
Orthopedic Injuries
severe bruising, spasms, joint strains, suspected broken bones
infections, ingrown toe nails, athlete's foot, plantar faciitis, abcess drainage